Integration is usually quick and easy! Our most recent integration was a LemonStand Cart.

Take a look at our compatibility list to see if your shopping cart is already integrated with us. If its not then no problem. E-mail us the info of which cart you use and we will figure out an integration solution.

Tracking Sales. We place 2 separate scripts on the merchant site that track the origin of our clicks and of referred sales. The PageScript looks for a cookie placed by the affiliate links. The conversion script gets the 2 variables, the amount and orderID for the referring affiliate. If the click is not from an affiliate then no information is passed to the tracking server.

No customer information is passed to the affiliate or the tracking back end. The customers information is yours alone..

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Merchant Solutions

Merchants can be part of our Referral Network, the The Green Affiliate Network.

A robust tracking suite that will suite most every merchants needs and then surpass them.:

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Our Blog

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