NetworkConnect Rate Sheet

If you would like to be part of our Referral Network then this is the option for you. You will gain access to all of our Affiliate Members traffic.

Option A:One Time Setup Fee
Our one time fee-Due before network activation- Cost can be spread out over first 3 months
Option A:Monthly Minimum
This is the monthly minimum fee. if your account generates more the 24.95/month then there is no minimum charges due
The monthly minimum fee does not start until the the 3rd month that your program has been live in the network. This way the program can gain some momentum before dealing with minimum fees being due.
Option B: One Time Setup Fee
Our one time fee-Due before network activation
Option B: Monthly Minimum
No monthly minimum fees for the first 12months.
Advanced Linking Strategy
One time setup fee- Why choose the advanced linking? Details
Transaction Override
Performance-Based commissions are based on the percentage of the affiliates payout.
For example an Affiliate earns a $1 dollar commission- Performance-Based earns 20 cents.
Minimum Deposit
We will automatically process your card on file every month. no need to keep money on deposit.
Paying Affiliates
Affiliate Screening
Banner Hosting
Affiliate Support
Included-The affiliates can email us 24/7 for any support questions
Data Feeds


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