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Tea is more than just the leaves in the bag. It's the passion, care and effort that went into getting them there.
At two leaves and a bud tea company, we go to the tea gardens, visiting the rolling hills of Darjeeling, the tropical climate of Assam, and other gardens around the world.
organic tea affiliate program

It's not easy finding great organic tea. Many organic tea gardens of the world convert old tea bushes to organic tea production, instead of planting fresh tea bushes grown organically from scratch. At two leaves and a bud we work tirelessly to provide great organic tea - we seek out the gardens committed to growing new organic tea bushes. It's not easy, but our goal is to provide organic tea that tastes like nothing you've ever had before. The result of our efforts are rich, complex black teas like Assam or Earl Grey that are certified organic with a taste you won't believe.

Two leaves and a bud is also one of the founding members of the TRUST Organic Small Farmers Initiative. When sourcing our African Sunset rooibos tea, we found that the farmers didn't receive a fair share for their efforts - two leaves and a bud helped to spearhead the movement to form the TRUST initiative so we could reward South African farmers for their hard work in providing great tea.

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