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At Napa Soap Company, we craft our soaps by hand, in small batches, blending natural ingredients to soothe every skin type and mood.
Founded by Napa Valley local Sheila Rockwood, Napa Soap Company produces handmade soap and other personal care items using local and organic ingredients whenever possible. All handmade products using 100% natural and organic ingredients whenever possible (e.g. lotions are 71% organic); grapeseed oil and wine are used throughout the product line.

Whenever possible, we use local ingredients from the Napa Valley in an effort to share the beauty of this unique area. Our grapeseed oil and grapeseeds are a by-product of the wine industry. Our lavender and herbs come from a variety of gardens in the area. Our beeswax and honey is harvested in the heart of the Napa Valley, and we even use Napa Valley wine to make our Cabernet Soapignon and Soapignon Blanc bar soaps. Use our products knowing that "a little Napa Valley" goes into everything we make.

Since each of our 100% natural soaps is made from only the highest quality ingredients, you can rest assured that your skin will enjoy our products too. So whether you are looking for a gift for yourself, or for others, we have just the soap for you!

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