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EcoTulips Becomes U.S.' Only Certified Organic Flower Bulb Company

EcoTulips: has just introduced sales of USDA organic certified botanical tulips, hyacinth, and fritallaria meleagris (Guinea-hen Flower) bulbs in addition to its wide selection of organic tulip, daffodil, crocus, and muscari. Flower Bulb Fact: The US imports approximately 800 million chemically grown bulbs from Holland every year. Brightwood, VA-based EcoTulips is bringing positive change to the flower bulb industry by offering an alternative to chemically grown bulbs. .

Why would we be a good partner for you?

  • Organic flower bulbs are grown without toxic pesticides which negatively affect the environment and have been linked to hive collapse in the honey bee population.

  • Demand is on the rise for pesticide free seeds and bulbs. Gardeners are becoming more educated about pesticides and do not want to introduce toxic chemicals into their gardens.

  • When people buy organic you're voting with tyour dollar which supports the organic movement and sustainable agriculture.

  • Organic flowers produce brighter blooms and last longer.

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