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Certified 100% Organic Gourmet Dog Treats from Alaska's Bakery:
Helping dogs live a longer and happier life!!!

Certified 100% Organic Gourmet Dog Treats from Alaska's Bakery-Featured on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in September 2007-Part of the Organic-Affiliates SubNetwork -Live 04-25-08 ..

Program details:

-Current status: Accepting Affiliates
-Start Date: May 1st, 2008
-Tier 1 = 10%
-Tier 2 = 2%

These dog treats are 100% Certified Organic. . organic certification

www.NNCIP.com: (national network for chronic intractable pain)
NNCIP was established to provide a centralized source for information for patients, doctors, pharmacists, therapists and anyone needing more information about the treatment options for chronic intractable pain..
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