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"It's very simple: Solay Superfood is encouraging the well being of people through Love. Love your body, Love Everybody." - Derek Van Atta -


Solay Superfood's mission:
To be of service to your health and happiness. We're committed to making artisan-quality meal-replacement shakes, protein powders, supplements and cacao elixirs for ourselves and you! We love easy-to-digest food that feels great in our bodies. And we're sure you do too! Solay Superfoods are carefully crafted, synergistic blends, that are delicious and therapeutic! We search the planet for the best superfoods, period. We choose a minimum of 95% organic ingredients, with the remainder being wildcrafted

Our Committments are:

To search the planet for the best superfoods and adaptogens from small farms, promoting sustainable, organic agriculture and true wildcrafting.

To carefully store, handle, mix and stir every ingredient knowing that these botancials are alive, intelligent and sacred. To create synergistic blends of superfoods that serve your health and well-being.

To walk our talk, by consuming our own products at least 6 days per week.

To deliver diamond quality food to you at amethyst prices.

To create "right livelihood" for ourselves via a healthy living wage for the area we live in.

To be generous with our abundance in our local community, and as citizens of planet Earth.

To love our bodies! To love everybody!

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