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Balance your body and mind by healing the cause of your symptoms - not just the symptoms.
Dr. John Douillard's is a leading center for Ayurveda and Natural Health, based in Boulder, Colorado. LifeSpa's highly acclaimed organic and wildcrafted herbal supplements and skin care products have been uniquely formulated by Dr. Douillard, DC, over the course of more than 25 years of Ayurvedic clinical practice. They are made from the highest quality whole herbs, sustainably harvested, rigorously tested for purity, and manufactured in GMP certified and FDA registered facilities.

Our top seller is our Colorado Cleanse 2-week detox and digestion kit, which is quickly becoming one of the most popular, effective and medically sound cleanses on the market. With options ranging from $149 to $299, the kits include the Colorado Cleanse book, DVD and all the herbal supplements and supplies needed for a deeply rejuvenating at-home cleanse. The sales page, featuring a video of Dr. Douillard and packed with raving real-life testimonials, converts at a high rate.

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