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Herbal Zap directly supports small, organic, family-owned, sustainable farms in Sri Lanka.
Herbal ZAP was launched from the shores of the island of Oahu by Health Educator and Yoga teacher Genevieve Gilbreath.
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Herbal ZAP's was founded in 2011 with the vision to help bring Ayurveda to a wider audience by making effective, sustainably sourced, easy and , dare we say, fun, Ayurvedic products. We launched our first product "Herbal ZAP" – a formula that helps boost digestive and immune power – in 2012 and are on our way to bringing it to a natural health store near you! ​

Our mission is to provide effective, sustainably sourced, easy to use Ayurvedic products to a wide audience of health seekers. From the farmer that consciously tills the earth, to factory workers packing the boxes, to the end user pouring delicious goodness in their cup​

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