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EcoArt Pillows: Our modern stylish line of organic cotton decorative throw pillows are designed to bring art, color and comfort to your home
EcoArt Bags: Our versatile EcoArt Bags feature a spacious main compartment and are the perfect size for grocery shopping, books, travel and everyday errands. Handprinted with environmentally-friendly inks on organic cotton canvas with durable organic cotton web handles.
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We create stylish eco-friendly accessories for a healthy, happy earth & home. Our modern eco art collection of decorative throw pillows and reusable bags is made from premium green materials such as plush organic cotton fabric and pure organic kapok fiber from the rain forest. We invite you to enjoy our durable eco goods designed to bring art, color and comfort to your home.

Wabi-sabi style is derived from an ancient Japanese art form which celebrates the beauty of imperfection found in nature. Examples of wabi (cycles of erosion) and sabi (recurrence), can be seen in the ripples of a sand dune, the spirals of a rip curl or a colorful sunset.

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