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Green Web Hosting: The World's #1 Green Energy Hosting Plan

How is Green Geeks Green? Green Geeks pulls energy from the grid just like every web hosting company. We must pull energy from the grid in order to make sure that we have a constant power flow for our servers and to make sure the servers would not be interrupted by a lack of power.

In order to compensate for the power we pull from the grid we purchase wind energy credits for the energy we consume from the grid. In fact we replace, with wind power, 3 times the amount of energy used by our servers so if we pull 1X of power from the grid we purchase enough wind energy credits to put back into the grid 3X of power having been produced by wind power.

Other ways we are green: In addition to purchasing wind energy credits Green Geeks works on all of our servers and reconfigures them so that they run more efficiently using less energy and running cooler. What this means is less energy consumption on the server as well as less energy needed to cool the server. (Co-location data centers are constantly cooled [24x7x365] by enormous cooling fans which use a tremendous amount of energy). These attentions to detail on the servers allow us to be more energy efficient in our data centers, but we don.t stop there.

Green Geeks is also hyper conscious about our carbon footprint in our offices. We employ rigorous recycling in our offices and we make sure that only legal and essential documents are printed to conserve paper. Any non essential documents which are printed by mistake are returned to the recycle paper area of the office for reuse in any other printing that we need to do. In addition we employ auto lighting control systems to make sure that the lights are not on when no one is in their offices and we make sure we power down all office equipment when not in use.

Green Hosting! Every web hosting account with GreenGeeksĀ® receives the following features:
  • Energy Efficient Infrastructure
  • 300% Wind Powered Green Hosting
  • Carbon Neutral Friendly
  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
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    Program Details:

    • Tier 1 Sale commission =Progressive

    • Refer 1 sale and earn a commission of $50.
    • Refer 2 sales and earn $60 for both sales within that calendar month.
    • Refer 3 sales and earn $70 for all 3 sales within that calendar month.
    • Refer 4 sales and earn $80 for all 4 sales within that calendar month.
    • Refer 5 sales and earn $90 for all 5 sales within that calendar month.
    • Refer 6 or more sales and earn $100 for all sales within that calendar month.
    • Tier 2 Sale commission = Not at this time

    • Cookie Duration 365 Days

    • Payout Threshold= $25.00 (USD)

    • Payouts Monthly Via Check or Paypal

    • DataFeed Not At this Time

    • Program Start Date February 24th, 2012

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