Changers Affiliate Program: Live on 01/24/2012

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Produce your own solar energy, charge your mobile devices and track your social energy production.
Changers : its a new solar powered gadget-charging system designed to power up your USB devices, including iPhones, iPods, Android phones and Kindles, using a simple, one-button device. The Changers Starter Kit, which includes the company's "Kalhuohfummi" (TM) solar battery and Changers "Maroshi" (TM) solar module, can generate up to four Watts per hour.
Changers The system has a social element, too. It uploads how much power it has generated to an online energy marketplace at where you can compare and share your energy savings with friends.

Changers The world's first Social Energy Marketplace, gives people the power to transform their energy behavior and get rewarded. By combining an advanced portable solar battery charger with the power of the social Web and a currency backed by the sun, Changers aims to stop global warming by motivating each of us to become independent energy producers.

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