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Heat Miser™: A Cost-Effective Way to Lower Your Heating Bill.
HeatMiser™ uses cost-effective proprietary sensor technology to monitor, regulate and improve the efficiency of your furnace. A certified HVAC technician can install the system on a typical residential heating system in about an hour. Once the installation is complete, homeowners can expect to enjoy:
  • * Heating efficiency similar to a modulating system that is 3-4x as expensive
  • * Consistent warmth more evenly distributed throughout your home
  • * A savings of up to 20% on your home heating bill

HeatMiser™ allows a single stage forced-air furnace to mimic the operation of a modulating furnace - the most efficient (and expensive) furnaces on the market. By reducing fuel consumption and maintaining consistent room temperature, it continually strikes a balance between heating a home and improving fuel efficiency. This process increases comfort and decreases heating costs.

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