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EcoStrip is an eco-friendly power strip that saves energy and saves money all on its own. The results are automatic, significant, and boost the bottom line.
EcoStrip 2.0 was presented with the "Gold Standard Award" for eliminating standby power and is widely recognized today as the best new energy saving product. EcoStrip 2.0 is an energy saving power strip with surge protection designed with corporate sustainability in mind. EcoStrip 2.0 acts as a normal power strip/surge protector for your computer and peripheral devices -- with one important difference: when the computer is turned off, power is shut down to peripherals eliminating the vampire drain of electricity.
EcoStrip works like a regular power strip most of the time, with several plugs for your computer and peripherals. When you turn of the computer though, the computer controlled power strip turns off power to the other devices connected to it. There's not a big down side to turning off electronics that are not being used, and the upside is that with a small investment you'll save a significant amount of money. The founders of the patented EcoStrip estimate that one of their energy-saving power strips can save up to $100 a year, and pay for itself with an ROI as short as 90 days. And if you have hundreds or even thousands of computers and peripherals, the opportunity for savings is that much greater.

Studies have shown that all of the electronics around the office can suck up a surprising amount of energy even when people go home at the end of the day. Standby power drains from electronics in the home and office are thought to consume billions of dollars in wasted energy each year. Powering down your PC when you're not using it is one step that helps, but what about the other devices that go along with computers like printers, scanners, and speakers? When left on every night of the year, the cost of these adds up.

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