Fair Trade Affiliate Programs

These fair trade affiliate programs are a social movement and market based approach that helps producers in developing countries.

Earth DIvas>>fair trade affiliate programs >> fair trade products >>earth divas affiliate program
Earth Divas products are handmade, natural fiber, fair trade accessories made by women for women from around the world. We currently have items from Nepal and are adding jewelry from Columbia and hemp bags from Thailand. We hope that by next year we can offer products from several other countries.
Two Leaves and A Bud>>organic affiliates >> organic tea >>two leaves and a bud affiliate program
Tea is more than just the leaves in the bag. It's the passion, care and effort that went into getting them there! At two leaves and a bud tea company, we go to the tea gardens, visiting the rolling hills of Darjeeling, the tropical climate of Assam, and other gardens around the world. Two leaves and a bud is also one of the founding members of the TRUST Organic Small Farmers Initiative.

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