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A marketplace for upcycled products, where it is easier for consumers to shop smarter.
Our goal here at Hipcycle : is to offer upcycled products that are as attractive, durable, and otherwise as desirable as traditional equivalent products (if not more so). We also strive to offer products that are priced about the same as regular high-quality products. We don't feel that just because something is a "green" product that is means you have to make a choice between helping the environment and getting what you want.
While we are a for-profit company ,we do feel very strongly about creating a social enterprise that harnesses the power of business to help make a better world. If we can help divert waste from landfills or be a source of inspiration for fun and creative ways to re-use that old thing-a-ma-jig that has been sitting in your attic for years, well then, that is a win all around.

In our own small way ,by focusing on upcycled products, Hipcycle wants to make it easier for you to make purchasing decisions that are better for the environment. You have a busy life with many competing priorities, including making important decisions about how to spend your hard-earned dollars. We at Hipcycle totally get that. Thank you for your support and for checking us out.

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