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Great Recycled Gifts is a different type of a gift company… everything we offer is made from something that was destined for the garbage or landfill.
We'd say that our gifts are recycled ... NOT "re-gifted" like those tacky presents from Aunt Mabel that are passed around time and time again. Nope… nothing here is mass-produced and every product has its own story!
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Who makes our products? • We work with small companies and coops that are committed to creating the unusual while leaving the smallest environmental footprint possible.

Most are right here in North America.. creative, dedicated (and some might say.. crazy) artisans that work with the "stuff" we all throw away. You've got to hand it to them... that's infinitely harder than hitting the local art supply store!

Other products are made in Fair Trade coops overseas by individuals and organizations with talent, looking to improve their economic reality. There's no big Michael's Superstores there!

Not only are you supporting the recycling of discarded items, but by purchasing their products, you are truly making a difference in people's lives...

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