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Turning weapons meant to destroy us
into art meant to restore us,
From War to Peace is dedicated to recycling weapons of war into peaceful symbols of beauty and function. We turn bombs into beauty, hate into love, and war into peace.

Here at From War to Peace, we recycle metals from disarmed nuclear weapons systems and use it to create a wonderful alloy we call Peace Bronze. With it, we cast jewelry and other art dedicated to creating a more peaceful world. We believe that war is failure, and that peace is triumph. At from war to peace, starting with one weapon at a time, we hope to see a demilitarized world in our lifetime. Join us in remaking our planet into a happier and healTheirhome for us all.

Our company, From War to Peace, has patiently dug much of this missile cabling out of the soil, recycled the metals into their pure forms, and used the copper to create a wonderful alloy we call Peace Bronze©. Our creation is made from 95% copper, 4% silicon, and about 1% manganese---all of it recycled materials. Peace Bronze© is an entirely American-made product.

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