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TRTL BOT designs eco-functional iPhone and iPad accessories. We believe being eco-friendly is about buying recycled products, being locally made, and doing more with less..
We are group of designers and engineers who are committed to our ethics as much as we are in creating responsible and innovate products. We are passionate about environment and sustainability. At every step of our process we do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint. All of our products are made in sunny California, USA.
Design: Eco-friendliness is the forefront of our entire operation. At the beginning stages, all of our designs are discussed and implemented at TRTL BOT's solar powered office. Our solar panels provides us enough power to run the office's lights, computers, and printers. Occasionally, during a nice sunny day, we can create enough electricity to give back to the grid.

Manufacturing : All aspects of our manufacturing process are completed in the U.S. From the molds to the packaging inserts, everything is made in Southern California. We proudly manufacture in the U.S. because it helps support our local economy and it dramatically reduces our products' carbon footprint.

Materials : The plastic used to produce our iPhone shells contains up-cycled PET (recycled plastic bottles). There is at least 1 recycled plastic bottle in each of our iPhone shells.

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