Hydros Filtering Water Bottle Affiliate Program

hydros water bottle affiliate program
Hydros Bottle— How can a filtering water bottle save the world? Read more to find out…

The Bottle

The Hydros Bottle is a reusable, filtering water bottle designed to filter tap water from kitchen sinks, bathroom taps, and water fountains.  These are some of the bottle’s unique features:

• Reduces chlorine, chloramine, and particulates to give you great tasting water

• The patent-pending Fast Flow Filter lets the bottle fill in less than 20 seconds

• Enhanced with IonArmour® antimicrobial protection to prevent odor-causing bacteria

• BPA-free and made from durable Tritan™

• Dishwasher safe

• Made in America to reduce our carbon footprint


The MIssion:

The world is facing a global water crisis; over one billion people do not have access to clean drinking water. Operation Hydros is dedicated to help end this crisis.

One dollar of every bottle we sell goes toward building sustainable water projects around the globe.

What We Can Do for You?

Our affiliate program is designed to make you money in convenient, flexible ways. Here are some details about the Hydros Affiliate Program:

• Commission: You gain a 15% commission on every sale made on the Hydros website

• Flexibility: We offer a large number of creatives, allowing you to choose the best ads for your site

• Ease of Use: We've created customized groups of rotational ads, so you don't have to spend a lot of time choosing

• New Creatives: We are constantly making fresh new creatives to excite and intrigue your audience

We have a very high average order size and good conversion rates.

Have more questions? 

  • Contact us at advert@hydrosbottle.com
  • chat with us at http://www.hydrosbottle.com
  • check out the Performance-Based forum on ABestWeb.com

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