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An earth friendly store with eco friendly products. is a premier online retailer that provides quality green friendly & solar products to consumers around the world. We encourage individuals to live a healTheirlife, reuse what they can and let the earth work for them. With the help of the sun, rain, and wind. We offer consumers with solar, natural and organic products.

"Providing Consumers with Quality Green & Solar Products From Around The World"

LivEcoFriendly was started in 2009 as just an idea where consumers could shop for green friendly & solar products without having to browse the thousands of online pages. From that idea, a business was born and LivEcoFriendly came up with a design and product line of what customers were looking for. As the company started filtering out certain products and researching, they realized that customers were primarily interested in convenience, longevity and fashion.

After narrowing down what products were a good fit, these were the main categories: bamboo, organic clothing, body care and solar power. As the demand for these products increase, will be there to provide the products for online shoppers.

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