Smell Guard Affiliate Program

Smell Gaurd affiliate program
The 100% All Natural Solution for Organic Odor Problems.

Smell Guard: is an environmentally friendly all natural organic product applicable for use in the industrial,commercial,residential and recreational areas. Smell Guard's natural odor binding ingredients encapsulate and lock in any form of organic or ammonia based odors while attacking the odor at its source without the use of masking agents,perfumes or chemicals. Smell Guard is non toxic, safe to use around people, pets and plants and may be used on any "water safe" surface. Isn't it time that you made the natural choice?

Our products use was originally discovered in 1993 after learning that it was useful in reducing the odors commonly found on wetsuits caused by bacteria and ammonia (urine). Since then, we have evolved into a dominant player in the odor control industry, helping not only to control unwanted and obnoxious odors, but aiding with the reduction of chemicals being used which are consistently causing harm to people, animals and our environment.

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