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Every mother knows - birth is not just labor and delivery. into art meant to restore us,It's triumph, heartache and falling in love with a new baby wrapped in mere hours, or sometimes days, of work and expectation.
The Birth Next Door is an anthology of 28 births in and around Tarrant County, Texas. These are stories, in their own words, of moms who experienced birth in almost every way.

Birth in cars, after days of labor, full of surprises or deep contentment, in awe of their bodies and their partners and the capacity for one day to truly change their lives (for better or worse).

A portion of the purchase of every copy of The Birth Next Door goes to benefit the Tarrant County Birth Network.

TCBN is a chapter of the 501c3 nonprofit BirthNetwork National. Our mission is to provide information and advocacy for evidence-based, Mother-Friendly care for expectant families in Tarrant County. TCBN offers monthly meetings and special events throughout the year that recognize and promote mother-friendly care. Our professional members can be located on our website or in our annual resource guide, produced each September. TCBN has no employees, and is run completely by through efforts of volunteers committed to maternity care in North Texas.

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