What is Performance-Based doing to be better stewards to our environment and our communities?

The Back Story:

Performance-Based started as a thought that occurred to me, Warren F, while preparing what was to become the nursery for my first born son. After scrubbing the room clean with an onslaught of foul smelling, and probably toxic cleaning chemicals my wife and i had the "Eureka" moment. The realization that all of the products that we had just used were probably terrible for our unborn child, for us, our pet and the environment as a whole.

Since I had been in affiliate marketing since 1998 the idea was clear to me. Start an affiliate network that focuses on green, eco,organic, sustainable merchants. I wanted to promote companies that shared the same vision. Earn profit while being socially and environmentally proactive. Since the start of the network we have grown steadily and are now moving into programs that are cause based as another facet.